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Ray Klimovitz is no ordinary beer aficionado. He’s a master. A brewmaster to be exact, tracing his path through the beer world back to the 60s. Working up and down the east coast and then making his way inland to Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee and Stroh in Detroit, Ray has spent decades crafting his resumé.

Using his expert palate and years of experience, Ray is one of the beer lovers bringing Gluek into the modern era. To accomplish this, Ray has kept in mind Gluek’s heritage and original formula from 1857 that includes a variety of hops available in European beers. As a brewer deeply familiar with German-style beers, honoring the original malty caramel flavor and light crystal clarity were a must.

The end result was a Bohemian Pilsener with a noble hop aroma and biting bitter flavor that sets it apart from other pilseners you’d find at the liquor store. As we transition out of the summer months in Minnesota, Gluek makes a lovely companion to heartier meals of autumn. Ray himself isn’t so picky about what food might pair though. “It might go with some nice red meat… Maybe a steak? Or a hamburger?” We’ll cheers to that.

We couldn’t be happier about the final Bohemian Pils recipe. Reach out on our social media pages, we’d love to know what you think too.

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