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Q&A with Beer Yoga Instructor Annie Krohn

The hottest new trend in 2017 seems to be frankensteining trends into new, even more buzzworthy trends. Whether it’s beer and robots or dogs and yoga, pop culture can’t seem to stop creating these super-trends. Here’s one we picked out just for you, beer lover: Beer yoga.

To get a little bit more info on what Beer yoga entails, we spoke with yoga instructor Annie Krohn about the classes she leads at Utepils Brewery that combine all things sudzy and zen.

Can you introduce yourself and say a bit about your background with yoga and beer?
My name is Annie Krohn. I’ve practiced yoga for 10 years and have taught for the last three.
I manage a studio of 30 employees right now. I got into yoga after I became my sister’s primary caregiver and was looking for alternative caregiving practices. I’m actually more of a wine lover than a beer lover but I really do enjoy both.

Where did the idea for Beer yoga come from?
I went to Colorado a while ago and saw some news about it becoming bigger out there so that’s where the interest came from. I recently got connected with Utepils and started working there as well. There seemed like so much opportunity with a really nice space for community gatherings and events. It’s a much more affordable space to offer a yoga class than at a regular studio. It just seemed like a great way to get people out to a space to just move. Plus, the beer is an incentive for men to join, especially the kinds of men who don’t take yoga seriously.

What do you feel the introduction of beer does to the yoga practice?
Like I said, my goal is to get people to a space to move. Getting them out of desk chairs, whatever. That’s number one. It also takes yoga to people outside of a “yoga” studio. No pretension, no formality, just doing yoga and drinking beer at the end. I have to say, too, I believe everything can be perfect in moderation. I think it can be a really positive thing. Lots of different habitual mindful practices can be really beneficial to your health. It can even feel a little naughty, which can be good for some people.

Do you think Beer yoga is a trend that will die out?
I hope it’s not a trend! It’s really important to use non-traditional spaces and practices to encourage yoga and movement. I see it as a good thing… the collaborative aspect is very important too and can be mutually beneficial for small businesses that can work together. Some people take it too far and just try to combine every trend to make a super trend. Even as a yogi, I tend to scoff at a lot of yoga trends. Have you heard of Goat Yoga? They have goats running around. I’m about yoga first, not gimmicks. Beer yoga is just a great way to get a community to a space.

What effect do you think Beer yoga can have for people/communities?
Yoga isn’t the same alone. The same goes for drinking beer. It’s about a social connection, coming to a class and being social. I’d hope that the beer aspect lets people know that yoga is for a wide range of people. It’s for real people, not just the people you see on Instagram. I eat meat, I drink wine, I drink beer. I’m a real person too, even as a yogi, and I just want to be able to reach more people with yoga practices.

How would you advise people to prepare for their first Beer yoga experience?

  • Bring a mat if you have one but I always bring some extras.
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Get ready to smile and laugh a lot!

You can catch Annie at Utepils Brewery every Sunday for a session.

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