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Beer Drinkers Rejoice!

Gluek Beer is back.

Gluek Beer Cans Gluek Beer Cans Gluek Beer - Since 1857 Pilsener Pale Lager

German Inspired.

American Made.

We like to say Gluek Beer was born in Germany and raised in Minneapolis. The first Gluek brewery was established on the banks of the Mississippi in 1857, one year before Minnesota was officially declared a state. Now, Gluek beer is back and here to stay. The new recipe is inspired by old world tradition and made for today’s well-rounded drinker. Using Munich malts and traditional Saaz hops, it pairs the best of German craftsmanship with high-quality American ingredients. As a sessionable beer, Gluek is meant to be enjoyed with the people and conversations that make life worth savoring.


Our 160 Year Legacy Continues


Gluek is founded by German immigrant Gottlieb Gluek.

Gluek Gluek Gluek


Gluek ships out beer at midnight the day after prohibition ends.

No Beer!


Gluek supplies beer to the US Military.



The swinging ’60s begin, with Gluek beer available in 27 states.

Flower Peace


Gluek beer returns!

Drink Gluek

For the Love of beer

We believe a great life,
like a great beer, is about balance.


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